Gong Baths

What is a Gong Bath?

A Gong Bath is an experience like no other. It is never the same for two people and it is never the same as the previous Gong Bath experience. Participants are enveloped in multi-harmonic vibrations for up to an hour as the resonance from the gongs travels into the very fabric of their cells. – A cellular massage!

What happens in a Gong Bath?

Participants are invited to lie down on a mat, fully clothed with a blanket for extra warmth and comfort and their eyes closed. Initially they are asked to focus on their breath and begin to feel a sense of ‘letting go’ as the subtle sensations of the Gongs begin to take them on their own personal journey. The perception of time completely dissolves as the symphony of sounds begin. The mind quietens its internal ‘chatter’ as the brain-wave activity begins to slow. The participants are able to enter into a meditative state where they can access deeper levels of their consciousness and experience a more open, receptive and creative mind.

What are the benefits of a Gong Bath?

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

The therapeutic instruments used during a Gong Bath, stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies, thus inducing a meditative and peaceful state of mind. Alpha brainwaves are produced during deep relaxation, daydreaming and light meditation. Theta brainwaves are produced during hypnosis, deep meditation and a REM state of sleep. From these states we enter the subconscious mind, where we can experience high creativity and depth of imagination. The therapeutic sound also influences our nervous system, slows the heart, brain and respiratory rates and thus brings us into a deep state of peace and relaxation. Synchronising our brain waves with our bodies will bring us balance and relieve stress. The vibrations that you receive during a Gong Bath, massage you on a cellular level, pulsating through your entire being, clearing stagnant energy and allowing your energy to flow more freely. Everything is in a state of vibration, including us. When a part of your body or mind becomes out of tune with its natural state, dis-ease can begin to form. Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy, we can be tuned back to a healthy state, finding balance once again. You will experience a tangible release of tension as the therapeutic vibrations of the Gongs sweep over your body, allowing your body and mind to become a more peaceful environment, leading to an increased sense of harmony and wellbeing.