Omar Aziz

Qualified Sound Practitioner (The College of Sound Healing)

The journey into becoming a Sound Practitioner has been a beautiful path on which I have walked for the past years. It has been a sequence of life events that have manifested into this destiny and brought me to where I am now. – Facilitator of an enriching experience known as a Gong Bath.

Back in 2005, my first contact with a musical instrument came in the form of African drumming and I have since become adept at many other musical instruments, including Irish whistle, Native American flutes, Overtone flutes, Harmonica, Kalimba, Handpan, Shruti with Overtone singing, Tibetan and Quartz Crystal singing bowls…and of course, Gongs.

It was when I first experienced the vibrations of the Gong, pulsating through my entire being, that it became clear to me that I was to work with sound for the purposes of healing and transformation. After some years of attending shamanic ceremonies, I became accustomed to the secrets of sound and in 2015, I began to hold 1-1 and group Gong Bath events.

In 2017 I qualified as a Gong Practitioner at the College of Sound Healing, under the guidance of Sheila Whittaker (author of ‘In the Heart of the Gongspace’). I have also been fortunate enough to spend time with Gong Master, Don Conreaux – absorbing his wisdom and grace.

In 2018, I was present at an incredible event in London where nearly 200 gong players gathered from all corners of the world, with the combined intention of sending peace out into the world through the power of the gong. In doing so, we were able to set the Guinness World record for largest gong ensemble thanks to dedication and organisation of my good friend Robert Horwell.

I hold Gong Baths locally in my home town of Colchester, and travel to wherever I am needed to facilitate these events. This role has taken me to many other countries around the world, where I have performed and held space in a variety of environments – from yoga classes, festivals and weddings, to hospitals, schools, churches and corporate events, such as the time I held a drumming circle for the staff of Harrods, London.

Who knows where this journey will take me to next, perhaps to you and your people for some healing sounds and musical transmissions.