For Corporates

We are a leading service provider of ‘Wellness in the workplace’ providing exceptional services for the staff, employees and leaders of businesses. If you are a forward-thinking organisation or company, you may well have thought about how you can foster wellness in the workplace. An hour session of sound therapy, on a regular basis, can prove to be a priceless investment for your organisation

The Results?

A happier, healthier environment for your staff to flourish in, with increased motivation, clarity, confidence, concentration, productivity and ‘wellness’ across the board. This will in return bring increased satisfaction to the management in the knowledge that their staff are well taken care of. To find out more information or to arrange a Gong Bath session for your staff, please contact us at Alternatively, you can contact our events manager – Omar Aziz on 07763615370

Gong Puja Training

This is a fully immersive experience with the goal of learning the basics of Gong playing over a 3-hour workshop, followed by an all night Gong Bath/Puja, where participants will have the chance to play the Gongs for the others, whilst they sleep, cocooned in the healing vibrations of the Gong Space. You will also be treated to a vegan chocolate cake and private performance from Omar Aziz on the Handpan during one of the breaks, as well as a tasty wholesome breakfast. - Check Events page for further details

1-to-1 Sound Therapy

This is a personally tailored sound session on an individual basis usually lasting one hour. The Gongs are mostly used for this, but other instruments can be implemented on request or recommendation. Experience the vibrations of the Gong in the comfort of your own home or office.

Group Events

This is a full sound experience where participants can lay down on a mat or seated in a chair, with their eyes closed. The sounds they receive will be the same as each other, yet their experiences will be unique to each person. I hold these events locally in my home town of Colchester throughout the year (check ‘My Events’) Advance booking is a must, as tickets for these events sell out quickly.

Drumming Circles

Various studies have been done on the effects of drumming and many report that the benefits include reduction in tension, pain, stress and anxiety. Drumming can accelerate the process of physical healing and boost the immune system. Group drumming is a fun way to develop communication and team building skills for people of all ages. Even those with no experience at all will be surprised at how quickly they pick up the rhythms.

Who can benefit from our services?

All our services are recommended for the wellbeing and relaxation of:
  • The staff of any business.
  • Care home residents.
  • Participants of a yoga class.
  • School children and university students.
  • Hospital patients and palliative care
  • A group of friends wanting to experience something different.
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Yoga teachers and facilitators